AND GOD SO HATED AMERICA, HE GAVE THEM DONALD TRUMP By Ilene Proctor When polled, most people assert that their ideal man would be honest, kind, funny and intelligent all at the one time? Kind with a great sense of humor combined with humility, one who speaks at least three languages, is a meat eater as preferred to a vegetarian and most of all, is a good listener. Maybe it’s Ryan Gosling. Definitely not Donald J. Trump. OMG, Where does this bloviating whale of a male end ? Today he compared himself to FDR! He says he’s accomplished more in a few months than any other president in history except FDR. From the now official Blame Room in the WH, he blames the Democrats, especially in the Senate, for obstruction, for obstructing his genius ideas. He blames the ethics committee for obstructing the best ethical ideas ever, at least since God, his father was born. He says the Democrats have obstructed and prevented all his appointments from being appointed, which is hilarious in a gallows humor sort of way because he’s suggested only a baker’s dozen of his fawning followers. Fawning 101 is a class given by the Trumpsters before one can be a designated driver of Trump’s ideas. . Not unexpected from a man who is a few bricks shy of a load in the appointments department not to mention the brain department. He bragged about browbeating Qatar. Yes he did. He declares they will stop funding terrorism because he said so. Of course we have 11.000 soldiers in the huge Air Force base in Qatar from which fly the planes attacking ISIS; and his friends in KSA and their allies — oh well, just a little collateral damage. Trump can always sidestep danger with his famous dance of diversions. He brags about a drastic decrease in Illegal Immigration. Well that’s totally believable because TOURISTS don’t want to come to America now let alone people who want to work and live in peace. He brags about YUUUUUUUUGE job creation that’s never covered by the Fake News media. . He brags about his stellar cabinet, which despite Democratic obstruction is a group of THE finest people in America, dedicated to making HIM, the smartest, kindest, savviest man God ever created\ Meanwhile he’s flanked by lemmings that are in the tank with him. Pity poor frowning Tillerson and Mattis, with grim-looking McMaster in the background looking 80 shades of gray but that’s just the contrast with the glowing orange carnage in the foreground. He brags about repealing and replacing Obamacare of course and declares victory with the beautiful health care bill passed by the House and blames the Democrats for obstructing the Senate bill which nobody can even see, especially not the public because I think we all know what the people would do — the AHCA was about as popular as bubonic plague with a side of syphilis. And the idiots will eat it up.

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