Introducing Turmeric Salt to the Culinary World

Introducing Turmeric Salt to the Culinary World By Ilene Proctor For culinary addicts, there may not be a trip around the world in your future, but Turmeric Salt all-purpose seasoning is as close as you can get to gourmet perfection without crossing the continents. And what’s more, you don’t have to cash in a CD to enjoy this spicy experience. Turmeric Salt is a whole new world of flavor and aroma emanating from a new concept in spices. It’s T and A – taste and artistry. Because it’s a 100% authentic vegan parve seasoning made with “sea salt” a turmeric, onion powder and garlic powder combination and both gluten and MSG free, A well-planned meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures and with Turmeric Salt all other spices are a thing of the past, Imagine a spice that’s totally vegan that contains no meat, egg or dairy ingredients. Imagine a spice with no food additives. No anti-caking agents, no MSG, no sugar, no salt, no MSG, no soy and no chemicals. For spice cognoscenti, Turmeric Salt is tasty culinary perfection. Surrender to Turmeric Salt for its robust, hearty favor and its remarkable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory qualities. It also boosts cardiovascular and brain function There are also promising joint strengthening returns, Legends have sprouted from less.

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