Iraqi superstar Shatha Hassoun has joined Zeina in her legal battle against Ahmed Ezz

When you listen to Egyptian actress Zeina's lawsuit against fellow Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz, you can't help but take her side. The distressed starlet has long been fighting to prove that she's been married to Ezz in secret for almost two years, and that he's the father of the twins she gave birth to in the US in 2013. Ezz has persistently rejected Zeina's claims and further refused to take a paternity test to prove that he isn't the father of her children. Most people, celebrities included, have taken Zeina's side. But still, any attempts of reconciliation between them have gone down the drain. And now, Iraqi superstar Shatha Hassoun has joined the list of celebs siding by Zeina in her legal battle against the "father in denial." The singer said that a strong friendship ties her with the actress, but that she doesn't want to get involved in her case against Ezz. She did, however, say that she's seen evidence with her own eyes that proves Zeina is married to Ezz. Shatha wished Zeina the best of luck in her next court case against Ezz, adding that her twins are "so adorable." albawaba.com

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