Pity Poor Donald Trump, He knows Nor Means What He says

Trump’s Loose Lips Are Sinking His Ship of State By Ilene Proctor Even when you scold him, nothing seems to mold him into curbing his paranoid ways. No wonder there are barrels of leaks from alarmed fellow travellers, tussles with the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. resulting in the announcement of the appointment of a special counsel to investigate allegations of wrongdoing, What was predictable the day the man stepped down from his escalator where the downward spiral began to today when Donald Trump’s grotesque presidency hangs by a thread. Counting the days until impeachment begins, for making America into his and his family’s own private ATM, and for being declared incompetent to govern—or, the inevitable, his own party brings irresistible pressure on him to resign. Trump can be defined by his demagogue aspirations his need to incite mob violence to prove his power, his peddling of conspiracy theories, his military showboating to distract attention from his problems, and to race-and-religion-baiting whenever the mood suits, to finally his mind-boggling simpleton’s knowledge of history, geography and plain old common sense . Perhaps, it’s his degree from Trump University that explains it all, but the man’s ignorance of the separation of powers, and Trumplethinskin’s ulcerated brain attacks on those he deems to be his personal “enemies,” but crybabies foul when disagreement or dissent is directed at him, extraordinary! But typical of his type = Mussolini, Hitler, Sisi, Attila all fit the same personality pattern. This is a man who survives by the law of the jungle- which he bungles in every way possible. This is a man who has never played fair in his life, who takes pleasure in inflicting hurt on those weaker than himself, and who believes that ideals, or simply basic decency, are mere molehills in the one game that matters: the game of power. This is a man who will do anything to hold onto power so don’t be surprised, over a “Reichstag fire” moment. With him, there’s always a possibility that Trump could gin up an emergency scenario that would allow his tribe of lemmings to clamp down on dissenters, This is a man who itches to unleash his gun-toting, NRA-loving , bible-tooting hordes of deplorables when his back is up against the wall- which it is. To assuage his fury and self-pitying personality he will try to manufacture—or exacerbate—international crises as a way of rallying on-the-fencers to his side. This is a man on the ropes, the silliest, sleaziest used car salesman, a con-artist to the ninth degree, so stay aware. His possibilities for revenge are unlimited.

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