RED CARPET EVENTS: A GLORIOUS LEGEND OF GRAMMY LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE HOT PURSUIT OF PLEASURE AND BEAUTY By Ilene Proctor As your Hollywood correspondent, it’s my lot in life to always be at the best of places in the best of times. It’s a nasty job but somebody’s got to do it. So I trekked down to the glorious Red Carpet Events LA that held its Annual Grammy Awards Style Lounge in Beverly Hills at the posh SLS hotel on LaCienega in West Hollywood. And there I was with all the idol rich, film rich, vocal rich and those Grammy newbies with more moxie than money. So many pros and apropos. Amongst the goodies grabbed by all the visiting celebrities: For my first shout out, everyone should cram their medicine cabinets with Oleavicin, a potent and powerful organic relief for cold sores, fever blisters and dry skin. Spawned from the mighty olive leaf, the balm is comingled with some mighty potent bio nutrients in a patented formula that works on contact, safely and naturally. And there, for everyone’s wishing thinning was BodyFX a superior new solution to improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce dimpled skin and loss of elasticity on the stomach and love/hate handles. When Mother Earth Calls, Everyone should listen. There’s a new app called Earth Mom that provides consumers with instant feedback on which earth friendly business are real or just another alternative fact. It’s one of our best solutions to pollution. Now face this: OMG is the living end for wired, tired faces and lives. The two-step program: Mask Detox Bubbling Mask and Microfiber mask will deeply, profoundly feed the skin with a cornucopia of organic nutrients, hydrolyzed collagen and plant-based skin stem cells to give your skin a vibrant younger-looking glow. Also, the Beverly Hills were alive with the sounds of oos and ahs at the sight of the one day Game Changer V11 by Cailyn. A total care pure vitamin C 11% serum with 11 key ingredients that promises 99% satisfaction. Lasal Designs from Germany is a leather designer that’s up there with Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and the best of them. Buttery soft leathers in military chic jackets and pants, lamb nappa dresses to swoon over and cashmere coats with deep fur pockets Melissa B’s natural skin care line is also the beauty secret of the stars. Her natural skin care makes your skin look young again. Ot’s all a labor of love from the cosmetic scientist who worked for 30 years perfecting the famed ReViva line. Now she’s on her own with Melissa B with her vast knowledge of organic beauty products that’s sure to become a household name. Finally at the end of the day, when it seems like a choice between being well informed and sane, it was good to pick up and read Dr. Dain Heer’s book Being you CHANGING THE WORLD is now the time?

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