WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TRUMP VOTERS PUT ALL THEIR EGGS IN ONE BASTARD? • • THEY DISCOVER THEIR PR-RESIDENT IS THE MOTHER OF ALL F66K66S • • • By Ilene Proctor Trying to follow this PR-resident is like trying to capture a rapid monkey with a razor blade. . Yesterday, Trump thought NATO was obsolete, China a currency manipulator, Yellen a felon and Syria is none of America’s business. Yesteryear, “So Saddam Hussein throws a little gas, everyone goes crazy” he said at a July 2015 campaign rally. Yesterday Manafort was brilliant and Corey wasn’t kooky , Yesterday, he would never abandon Bannon. But today’s a new day and President flip-flop has flip flopped again. And so does his tribe of brown-nosed followers. But the roller coaster ride the public is getting is getting dog tired of all his failings and betrayals. Why are the poor a four-letter word in Trump’s tiny weeny vocabulary? Today, our new sadist-in-chief President is now threatening to withhold vital health payments under Obamacare that are used to help poor people afford medical services in order to force Democrats to negotiate changes to the health law, Those payments to lower-income people, called cost-sharing-reduction subsidies, have been at the center of an almost three-year legal battle between Republicans and Democrats. The payments are used to help poorer people in Obamacare afford copays and other cost sharing for medical services. Without them, they might not be able to afford to get care. Trump’s administration has threatened to stop making the payments. Wink. Wink. “I don’t want people to get hurt,” Trump told the WSJ published Wednesday. “What I think should happen -- and will happen -- is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.” Trump has repeatedly threatened to let Obamacare fall apart in order to force Democrats to negotiate with him. Halting the payments by ending defense of the lawsuit would cut off billions of dollars in funds to insurers, and would probably lead some to boost premiums, while others would likely quit Obamacare entirely. The People Will not go Gently onto the night. They are geared up to fight with all their might! The people are hanging tough and together. . In the face of Donald Trump's determination to spread his own brand of stifling authoritarianism and plutocracy in America, Democrats have been shutting down his most depraved proposals belching from the White House and the GOP. The dems stopped them cold when they wanted to throw 24 million people off their ACA health insurance, decimate and block-grant Medicaid, and transfer $800 million up the wealth ladder. The people took to the airports by the tens of thousands to welcome the refugees and immigrants targeted by Trump's first unconstitutional immigration executive order, and made sure that federal courts across the land enjoined enforcement of these lawless Muslim ban orders. We have kept the heat on the Russian connection, and we've seen General Michael Flynn resign and Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself . The people are fighting mad and fighting back and so Donald Trump will become a troubling but small paragraph in tomorrow’s history books.

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