Aww! Look who magically uplifted Divyanka Tripathi's mood on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

Aww! Look who magically uplifted Divyanka Tripathi

Children are the bestest source of entertainment. Within a fraction of seconds they can magically uplift your mood. It is often said that if you are feeling unhappy or depressed, the best way to comfort yourself is by playing with a toddler! The beautiful Divyanka Tripathi too seemed to have found solace withing a kiddo. Going by her click on Instagram, it seems that the actress had then shot a typical saas bahu saga type high crying dose scene for one of the upcoming episodes of her show. But the moment she was done with her shot, she spotted a cute little munchkin on the sets. She captioned her clicks with him as, " Heavy duty crying scene inside.... Just the opposite outside. #Babies are such #MoodLifting#Magicians. With #alygoni and some #VisitorBaby." Aww! Just look at the kid, all decked up with Ishima to pose for clicks! So cute! CREDITS: INSTAGRAM

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