Can Robert De Niro Save the Nation?

De Niro Talks Truth to Trump’s America “A Tragic Dumb-ass Comedy” BY Ilene Proctor It must have been tough listening to Robert De Niro’s commencement address since today’s young American dreams are being squashed by the left but mostly by the right, Remembering That Once a Time in America past young Americans dreamt caviar dreams of McMansions but now reality is screeching McDonalds and Raman Noodles. In his commencement address, De Niro spoke of the nation’s Grudge Match of truth to the power of Trump’s land is MY land thinking. Real estate meets reel estate. “In movie terms,” the King of Comedy De Niro said at Brown University’s America used to be “an inspiring, uplifting drama.” But now? It’s all Cape Fear and the Killing Season. The two-time Oscar winner sadly said America has become “a tragic dumb-ass comedy.” He gave the rising class a mission: “work to stop the insanity” and try to make the world a better place. Good luck, grads! This wasn’t the first time De Niro had spoken out about the political Intern Trump and his administration. Before the presidential election, the actor said he’d like to punch the Raging BullSxxt Republican nominee in the face. Just after Donald Trump’s election, De Niro mourned the loss of that opportunity on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And then there was the time De Niro used his Chaplin Award acceptance speech to critique the president's “hostility toward art.” Now, as Brown’s Folker’s class of 2017 turns its tassels and strides boldly into the future, it knows what it must do: save America before its transformation from Goodfellas into Dirty Grandpa is complete. The Mission: Trump Resign so American can laugh again. His 15 Minutes is way, way over.

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