Chelsea Handler discovers How to Talk to Barbie Bitch Tomi Lahren, if You Must, This Weekend at Politicon

By Ilene Proctor Video: Merrie Lynn Ross PASADENA, California. Beautiful Actress/Author/Netflix star host Chelsea Handler is Tomi Lahren’s worst nightmare. She¹s also a beautiful blonde, matured, a little burnt at the edges who has strip-searched Ms. Lahren’¹s history in the light of real American values. In conversation at the Politicon this weekend. Handler exposed the hard-knuckled Lahren, proving that hell hath no fury like the never contrite, never erudite Lahren. In 2013, the public first began to wake up to the reality of the young woman that lurks behind the empty hologram her handlers and she have created. Lahren declared hatred of liberals an American’s patriotic duty: “Sometimes I don’t like what Donald Trump says, but I don’t like what Hillary Clinton does.” Trump’s excesses, she says, are forgivable as the flourishes of a performer. “I’m a performer, too, she says,” Another time, she reaffirmed her own love of loathing: “Oh, how I hate them!” On Glenn Beck she fixed her festering rage with scorpion-bite statements such as “ Liberals are to blame for terrorism” With the exception of hardcore ideological issues that might benefit her admirers, such as her advocacy of the redistribution of wealth from the middle class up to the super-rich, smash-mouth Lahren has helped Trump bungle issues that have come up both large and small, -from gender identity to do Black Lives Matter, from the war in Iraq to Social Security “reform,”. Despite their wildly divergent views on any number of political issues, Handler opened the conversation that their sit down should be casual and considerate of each other . Their differing reactions demonstrate, more than anything else, who needs this more. Like many comedians reacting to Trump, Handler has been thriving under Trump, while Lahren is still searching for a cultural soapbox after she was fired by Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze earlier this year for the unforgivable Republican sin of declaring herself “pro-choice.” So now Lahren, famished for fame, is a woman whose defining characteristic is emulating her idol, Ann Coulter with the same dirty, scorched-earth mouthwash. “This isn’t a debate. I’m interviewing her,” Handler stressed to the crowd before expressing a sincere desire to understand people like Lahren who don’t share her political views. “How else are we going to get anywhere if we can’t talk to each other?” Lahren agreed. They began by trying to find common ground on shared values. For example, Handler said that they both believe in “hard work.” “We both also like 50 Cent,” Lahren replied to groans from the crowd. “Oh snap, I never said I liked 50 Cent,” Handler said in response. “I just had sex with him.” Three minutes in, that was just the first of many disagreements. Lahren speaks like she was on speed dial laced with cocaine, or like a talking head zombie, pre-programmed for hate. Like all good conservatives that read the same talking point memos, she whines about her opposition to “socialized medicine” and pounded her breast with how “pro-America” she is. As if shouting in unison “USA, USA ”makes conservatives more patriotic than liberals. When Handler asked Lahren if she has health insurance, she said, “Luckily, I am 24, so I am still on my parents’ plan.” That line drew loud moans from the crowd at her apparent hypocrisy, but Handler defended her. In the next breath, Lahren said Obamacare is in a “death spiral.” Infuriated by Lahren’s hubris “It’s in a death spiral being sabotaged by the president of the United States,” Handler replied. “A decent human being would say: let’s do whatever we can to make the system that’s in place thrive.” Lahren said that while she doesn’t agree with every tweet, she does believe the “positives outweigh the negatives” when it comes to Trump’s temperament. As long as the president is “helping” middle-class Americans, she doesn’t seem to care what he says. “He’s the fucking president, act like it!” Handler shot back, calling Trump a “crybaby,” who needs Congress to “babysit” him into signing sanctions against Russia. “That scares the shit out of me,” she said. \ In the bitter end, Lahren’s a fiercely ambitious political novice nothingburger with an acid tongue, a vile bile of an agenda and a zealot’s conviction. She’s just the latest in a brigade of perfumed and blonde mini-skirted, snake oil saleswomen selling their wares to Middle Americans regardless of the perilous pitfalls within their message.

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