By Ilene Proctor America is looking on in horror as DT daily rails against the constitution with his diarrhea mouth, constipated brain, and vulgarian vocabulary, There isn’t enough toilet paper in the world to wipe away the harm Donald Trump is doing as he shits on the press, sluts his stuff on women, the courts, immigrants, Muslims, Democrats, protesters and anyone who disagrees with him, This proto Mussolini is leading the GOP march toward full control of all branches of the government, and with it the frightening power to amend the Constitution into their own authoritarian image...or ex-Ruskie Ayn Rand's. Beware severe Trumpitis. the enema of the people. If he is leading us off the cliff, we should at least be aware of what will happen when people follow this pied piper. Republicans now control 32 state legislatures and 33 governorships. They have majorities in both state legislative chambers as well as the governorships in 25 states. The Democrats have total control in only six states and legislative control in two more. With Republicans having veto-proof control in 38 states, they can do something that has never been done before—hold a constitutional convention, and then ratify new amendments that are put forth. To date, all amendments have been initiated from Congress where two-thirds of both houses are required. In either case, 38 states would be needed to ratify the amendments. The Republicans are well on their way. Not for naught, was Trump and his wife dancing to the tune of “ I did it My Way.” Our Ship of State which for many has been the flagship of democracy will than cease to exist. Gone collective bargaining, abortion outlawed, progressive income just a remembrance of times past, farewell to class action law suits, privatizing of social security, enter "free choice" in all school systems, and so on. The dream of the Grotesque Old Party come true: outlaw the New Deal and its social democratic programs. And if the God and Guns party get everything they want , they could end separation of church and state and undo other portions of the Bill of Rights. The amazing acts of resistance popping up all over the country prove that the progressive spark is alive and well. Even seniors at the Progressive Forum in Deerfield Beach, Florida, are planning to put their bodies on the line to stop ICE raids. And dozens of ladies braided their hair together to protest at the border. While the Tea Party and the right had a clear message—big government is bad—progressives were asleep at the helm,, saying little to nothing collectively about runaway inequality. Now we need to turn the marvelous anti-Trump resistance into a common national movement that binds us together and directly confronts runaway inequality. We need to come out of our comfort couches because nearly every issue we work on is connected by growing inequality. The bottom line: we cannot let the grass roots rot away with time. Stay tuned and stay on. Our very democracy depends upon it!

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