DOWN WITH TRICKLE DOWN by Ilene Proctor Perhaps prayer is the last refuge of pessimists such as myself, when it comes to the crisis in Washington DC, but it seems to this concerned citizen (I live on this planet) but before that dumb Trump signs that toxic legislation, let’s let us all tell him if he signs , he will lose bigly because of it. The floodtide of middle class and the poor will emerge and scorch the GOP in November 2018, Tax Cuts for the rich. Deregulation for the powerful. Wage suppression for everyone else. These are the tenets of trickle-down economics, the conservatives’ age-old strategy for advantaging the interests of the rich and powerful over those of the middle class and poor. The articles in Trickle-Downers are devoted, first, to exposing and refuting these lies, but equally, to reminding Americans that these claims aren’t made because they are true. Rather, they are made because they are the most effective way elites have found to bully, confuse and intimidate middle- and working-class voters. Trickle-down claims are not real economics. They are negotiating strategies Surely, IF the world begets future generations and history books record this time out of hell, the issue will boil down to who has the largest organ, Trump or the People.

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