Did Trump Bump Favorite Nazi Sebastian Gorka Out of the White House?

Will We Not See Sebastian Gorka Anymore? By Ilene Proctor When he takes his mind off the Civil War and flaunting his ignorance of American history or indeed of any history, did this thick-as-horse’s-ass president deny West Wing tenure to fellow narcissist the deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka? Rumors are rife that Trump cut the umbilical cord to Gorka because of media’s outing his ties to two far-right, anti-Semitic groups. Perhaps the London-born, Breitbart-bred, phony doctorate-holding, jihad-obsessed talkaholic may be coming to an end, and taking his stench as far away from Trump as possible. Not all is lost however, because Gorka apparently still has the support of his former news site, Breitbart, which published its own report over the weekend rebutting word of Gorka’s ouster as “incorrect,” citing “multiple sources” from within the White House. Shit will happen and darken this White House as long as the current occupant resides there.

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