Cashmere is chic at its peak and Hector & Lola cashmere collection of sweaters are now adorning some of the most heavenly bodies in Hollywood: Rihanna, Sutton Foster of the TV show “Younger” It all started in August 2006 in France when Michel and Designer Emmanuel Weinberg decided to start a line of cashmere sweaters for Ladies, Hector and Lola, named after their oriental felines. Cashmere being the ultimate in comfort and luxury, they knew that French women would appreciate a company that would offer, not only the quality, but a price that was affordable. Shortly after finishing their first collection, they met Isabelle Essel Moha, who would become one of their most faithful buyers. Carrying their beautiful sweaters in her boutiques for many years, she eventually became their partner in September 2014 when she migrated to the US. For the past year, Isabelle has spent time researching her market and having her website designed to allow American women access to Hector & Lola no matter where they live. She is now concentrating on selecting stores in major cities which will carry the products, allowing people to have direct access. The goal is to offer a luxury product while educating women about the knitted fiber known as cashmere. Though it does not come cheap, it is worth the investment. Cashmere can also be trendy as you can see in each of their collections. For now Hector & Lola produce 2 collections a year, winter and spring/summer. http://hectorandlola.com/

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