IT’S NOT ALT-WHITE FOLKS By Ilene Proctor The chaos-loving Alt-white Breitbart news, the One America Network were welcomed in while CNN and other news organizations were blocked Friday from a White House press briefing..The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Politico were also excluded from the meeting, which is known as a gaggle and is less formal than the televised Q-and-A session in the White House briefing room. The Associated Press and Time magazine boycotted the briefing because of how it was handled. The White House Correspondents Association is protesting. Has the United States come to this? Beltway blogs were on about whether Trump would slow-walk federal disaster relief for the Oroville Dam area. As it turned out, he didn't, but the possibility wasn’t ruled out. This is what makes the vengeful small-minded (his now 38% followers) Trump presidency so unpredictable. It’s would not even occur to even the most prejudiced of political pundits that a o modern president would even think of taking revenge on a state that voted against him by refusing disaster aid. Nor dream of evicting news outlets from a press briefing because they had criticized him. Nor lie about easily checkable facts on a routine basis. Nor brazenly boast c every positive bit of economic news as a personal triumph, which by the way had nothing to do with him. Nor would anyone holding the esteemed position of president casually ask the FBI to take its side in an ongoing investigation, other than the disgraced Nixon. It's not that modern presidents couldn't do these things. They just didn't. And we all came to assume that none of them would. The technical machinery of government—collecting data, hiring staffers, working by the rules—would be left alone to operate in a professional and impartial way. But that's no longer something we can assume. Liberty and justice for all are now giving way to President Bannon’s Alt-White Nihilism of his Economic Nationalism and the high demagoguery of his enemies. Fasten your seat belts.

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