TRUMP OWNS THE MILE-HIGH MONOPOLY CLUB MAR-A-LAGO By Ilene Proctor I want to warn you laddie that Trump’s heart belongs to his paid up sugar daddies. Sorry about that, all those everyday working blokes without yokes who think they have a friend in Trump need to spend a minute ( remember Romney) in his privately privileged $200k a seat members of his club. Beware of Bartenders! “So, this is my real group,” Trump said at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, on November 18, according to the audiotape. “These are the people that came here in the beginning, when nobody knew what this monster was gonna turn out to be, right?” This isn’t the good talk he was handing out to the smallish crowd of adoring asses gathered at a Florida airport. "We’re doing a lot of interviews tomorrow — generals, dictators, we have everything,” Trump told the crowd, according to an audiotape of his closed-to-the-press remarks, obtained by POLITICO from a source in the room. “You may wanna come around. It’ll be fun. We’re really working tomorrow. We have meetings every 15, 20 minutes with different people that will form our government." Come on down! Watch us play and be your own National Security Advisor Apprentice! It’ll be fun! But dictators? Trump secretly swoons over dictators? Is the baby Hitler seeking entry level dictators to boss around people like the “aides” now shoving around experienced diplomats at State, or is he after mentor-grade dictators for their keen insight in how to be a better autocrat? "We’re going to be interviewing everybody — Treasury, we’re going to be interviewing secretary of state,” he continued. “We have everybody coming in — if you want to come around, it’s going to be unbelievable … so you might want to come along.” Hey, there's nothing Trump likes better than adding more billionaires to the White House. Hey, if you knew the “right” people maybe even you might write a new treaty, a new bill, a new warning or two. What a chilling thrill! So, Trump inside-government need to pony up a measly $200k entry fee if they want to be real to The Donald.

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