Now Ivanka Trump is Daddy’s New Military Adviser- reportedly convinced her father to bomb Syria

By Ilene Proctor Trump is still ‘Bigly” it’s just his military that has gotten small. So in steps a high-heeled Ivanka Trump —now  an official government employee without military experience but with her own White House office— reportedly influenced President Donald Trump’s decision to strike against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad last week, according to her brother Eric Trump. Trump, he the king of the mundane mind and the champion of the generic mindless answer, and the first to ride into battle to tackle Assad, the barbarian sans a thought of what comes next? Military strategy 101. Begging for a public answer is what exactly is the Trump Doctrine? Is it America first and not get quick sanded again in Middle Eastern regime change, or is it “we have nukes so why not use them? Which comes first in Trump’s mind, the chicken or the nuke?

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