Oh Mammy... It's Grammy Time

Oh Mammy... It

By Ilene PRoctor As your Hollywood correspondent, it’s my lot in life to always be at the best of places in the best of times. It’s a nasty job but somebody’s got to do it. So I trekked down to the glorious Red Carpet Events LA that held its Annual Grammy Awards Style Lounge in Beverly Hills at the posh W Hotel Westwood. And there I was with all the idol rich, film rich, vocal rich and those with more moxie than money . So many pros and apropos. And there, for everyone’s wishing thinning was their main sponsor; Appethyl™ - the new clinically-tested, patented award winning ingredient that is coming to the USA. It’s a patented, all-natural appetite suppressing product from spinach. Green leaf Medical AB. I can honestly tell you it tastes yummy for the tummy. When Mother Earth Calls, Everyone should listen. Open her medicine cabinet and the flu will fly away faster than you can say supercalafraglisticespalidious with Nuwati Herbal Healer Tea. Handmade in the USA. Now Hair this: Arganesse is the living end for frizz fried hair. For the littlest starlets, there were teeny itsy bitsy Wingkinis. Little bikinis with inflatable angel wings. It doesn’t get cuter than this. Also, the Beverly Hills were alive with the sounds of oos and ahs at the sight of Clarissa’s jaw-droppingly beautiful evening gowns. Who knew that the morning coffee also had its beauty effect. Stephanie Additon developed a line of natural beauty products full of green coffee and artesian roasted coffee. You’ll be amazed by the Java Effect as your skin perks up and drinks in this amazing elixir. GEEK EYEWEAR®‎ celebrates diversity, individuality, and creative enthusiasm of Geek culture; Ruby Roxanne Designs from Germany is a fashion accessory producer of hand-crafted cuffs for women, men, girls and boys. A perfect way to stash your cash and keys when jogging. Karen‘s Organic Renewal Complex is the secret serum of the stars. It makes your skin look young again. Remember the name Robin Barre of Artizan jewelry because you’ll never forget seeing some of the most striking, most innovative, and most outrageously beautiful necklaces and bracelets ever created. And lastly, Unity T shirts by Half Breed Clothing with a message that no one should have to be reminded of, but that we forget at our own peril. In “Unity” there is strength. Divided we will fall.

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