By Ilene Proctor President Donald Trump now is like a dead man talking. Perhaps after he resigns, the best move for him and his spore family is to move to Moscow where this aspiring dictator will be more than welcome. Putin, his brother by another mother will surely make the orange carnage welcome as a comrade in arms and long handshakes. At the end of the day, it might be an altruistic act. It will save the Trumps from their pants being forever on fire. When Trump’s voice goes high, his tweets go low. His presidential incubation period has been defined by, his short-handed efforts to denigrate and undercut the multiple investigations into Russian influence in the 2016 election and his lost legislative battle to repeal and replace Obamacare. But Trump’s hateful hubris and crass constitutional understanding has harmed the nation’s image both nationally and internationally, He has significantly influenced government and the nation's image. His only clear-cut triumph was installing conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. He can take credit for slowing the inflow of illegal immigrants, but he shares that dubious achievement with Obama, who was known even by his admirers as the deporter-in-chief. With the environmentally deaf, dumb and blind sided EPA chief Tom Price, he allowed ceasing of Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements for reporting worker injury data while letting dirty coal companies dump debris into local streams. It is an oxymoron for morons like Trump to say there is clean coal. Schumer should be forced to wash out their mouths with industrial-strength soap. Here are some other Trump "achievements:" FOREIGN TO FOREIGN POLICY -Sent sympatric signals of approval to autocrats in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Egypt and abandoned longtime U.S leadership in seeking to enhance democracy and human rights. -Shunned U.S. allies in Europe, especially Germany, and undercut longstanding U.S. treaty commitments. -Dangerously betrayed Israel’s intelligence sources to Russia whom he invited into the Oval Office, chuckling with them which too many looked like he was enjoying himself in the WH for the first time. . -Because of his ignorance, he churned up more divisiveness in an already divided Middle East by setting off a squabble between Saudi Arabia, a major U.S. ally, and Qatar, home of the region's biggest U.S. military base. Many insiders question this was because of revenge of the spoiled and soiled Jared Kushner’s failed business deal with Qatar. -This corpulent president reduced U.S. global leadership on climate change by withdrawing from the Paris agreement, joining only pariah nations Syria and Nicaragua. -The art of the dealer ceded leadership in Asia to China by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and elsewhere by encouraging the British exit from the European Community. HOME IS WHERE THE ART OF THE DEALER SHOWS UNPRECEDENTED PRESIDENTIAL FAILURES -boosted a budget with massive cuts to shred the social safety net and cripple longstanding governmental functions. Calling it “deregulation” doesn’t make fouling clean water and air an achievement. .-America is not a Trump Family Affair. There aren’t enough Trumps ( thank God) to fill government’s many top spots and installing an inexperienced, dysfunctional White House staff. Ruling by a stingy, jealous, ignorant and back-biting staff is causing all sorts of negative unintended consequences. -Sweeping up dangerous illegal aliens is good, Breaking up and deporting stable law-abiding families is bad. While Trump likes to think he thinks big, his actions are small-minded. - His pride hurt, Trump created a budget-splurging commission to investigate his paranoid unproven allegations of voter fraud because he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. -Created a Voter Integrity Commission to investigate voter fraud headed by KKK klan-minded Kris Kobach whom brilliant investigative journalist Greg Palast describes as “asking Al Capone to investigate the mob.” -Yo Yosemite! The beauty of our American landscape is being soiled and spoiled by reversing decades of bipartisan cooperation in extending environmental preservation of national landmarks .Note: bipartisanship is not a four-letter word. -Why hire the worst of the worse administrators to fill his administration with people that are on the record opposing the very agencies in which they work, and lastly putting in an Attorney General with a heart as hard as Gibraltar to curb civil rights and environmental enforcement and in 2017 to disengage African Americans, Hispanics and Asians with obsolete confederate thinking. LOCK THEM ALL UP: -By following Kushner’s advice, Trump committed potentially impeachable offenses of obstructing justice that prompted appointment of a Special Counsel by firing FBI Director James Comey, because of his probe into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia, and urging other intelligence officials to pressure Comey to halt the probe. -In the court of public opinion where facts matter, he demeaned and insulted the courts with denunciations of judges and their decisions affecting his administration's policies, especially those curbing his publicly proclaimed prejudice which issued a sloppy ban on Muslim travel from certain countries. -Without evidence and dream-inspired, he accused former President Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping his phones. -Alternative facts don’t matter. President Pinocchio repeatedly lies about his administration's policies and trashed officials with whom he has disagreements -. Making made in America is signature issue, he conveniently forgets to mention all of his and his families goods are made overseas. -As the official hater-in-chief, he strokes racial and other divisions by reducing governmental civil rights guarantees and reversing protections for sexual and racial minorities which is really strange since by nature and history, Trump is a self-avowed hedonist. . -Greed is Trump’s real creed. He violated his own self-proclaimed ethics laws by allowing officials to deal with issues affecting their former employers. Over and over again he and other family members us our national treasury as their own personal ATM. -Following Putin’s and other of his favorite dictators by waging war against news outlets subjecting his administration to scrutiny, calling the mainstream media the "enemy of the American people" and denouncing unfavorable stories as "fake news." Abounding White House press institutions intended to facilitate dialogue between the presidency and the public. =By only knowing the Second Amendment and ignoring the first concerning Freedom of Speech and the Press. By taking on citizen critics, he shrivels the grandeur of the presidency to dwarfish depths. -Trump has failed so far to enact promised measures to increase economic growth, resulting in reduced long-term forecasts. On many economic numbers he touts he outright lies about his impact and denigrates the carryover effect of positive Obama policies. Military progress against ISIS has not eased its terrorist threat and indeed these policies were started by Obama.. The 36% president and growing lower poll result shows the least support for any new modern president, an exacerbation of domestic divisions, and unprecedented global disdain and embarrassment. And at the bitter end, I recommend Americans create a method to collectively buy a one-way ticket to Trump and his extended family to move to Moscow. Good riddance to bad Russian-like rubbish.

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