Russia Runs Roughshod over Trump Again

Russia Runs Roughshod over Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7aGU9lar9c by Ilene Proctor Listen not to what our traitor-in chief Trump says but what he does. Despite definitive statements including a speech before a joint session of Congress that Keystone XL will be built with "American steel." Earlier this week, TransCanada delayed its $15 billion Investor State Dispute Settlement suit under NAFTA. It has been speculated that the lawsuit was suspended rather that dropped to ensure that TransCanada was not required to use U.S. steel despite Trump's public statements that it would be. If President Trump is, as he so boringly often reminds us he is some sort of master negotiator, he clearly needs to spend more time at Trump U for a beginning apprenticeship class. Instead of having a back of steel, it seems to be made of rubber, as least where Russia is concerned. Trump has been masterly outmaneuvered again by a foreign company that wants to use Russian steel. TransCanada's $15 billion success over Trump is what happens when you have an administration stacked with fossil fuel billionaires with fossilized brains and a trade deal that enables corporate polluters to push their agenda at will. Keystone XL is a disaster waiting to happen for our economy, our health and our climate. The only thing that Trump seems to excel at is bending to Russia’s will.

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