SCRUTINY ON THE BOUNTY OF JARED KUSHNER By Ilene Proctor \ Jared Kushner has a Jared Kushner problem. Apparently, he sometimes wonder what’s his gender registering to vote as a woman. and the bad boy wonder also has a problem with memory as he has a total inability to fill out a form correctly the first time. Oops, his memory just slip sliced away when he neglected to mention more than 100 foreign officials he met with before joining the White House, including some Russian ones; the omission of key pieces of information that forced him to amend his financial-disclosure forms at least 39 times;. Like his father law Donald Trump whom the Secretary of State once called a “fucking moron. In truth, shouldn’t he be thankful that his IQ level was upgraded. Fortune 500 creds he has none. Over his ability, under his understanding, during a three-year period when Boy Wonder was C.E.O., his family business, Kushner Cos., filed false paperwork that resulted in millions in profit for the firm. Is incompetence in the Trump family genes and does Kushner get this inability by sexual osmosis. OMG, he’s a slumlord, too. In 2015, when the company bought three apartment buildings in Astoria, Queens the Kushner family connived to push, shove their tenants out, jacked up the rent, and turning a nice profit, the company conveniently filed paperwork that claimed their tenants out of existence. Not willing to comply with their own non-existence, current and former residents told the A.P. that they were “subjected to extensive construction, with banging, drilling, dust, and leaking water that they believe were part of targeted harassment to get them to leave and clear the way for higher-paying renters.” Kushner Cos. apparently did the same thing in the East Village in 2013, claiming that a six-story walk-up had zero rent-regulated tenants when, in fact, there were seven of them. All in all, the company is said to have filed at least 80 false applications in 34 buildings in New York City from 2013 to 2016, according to the Housing Rights Initiative. “It’s barefaced greed,“ Aaron Carr, founder of the tenants’-rights watchdog, told the A.P. “The fact that the company was falsifying all these applications with the government shows a sordid attempt to avert accountability and get a rapid return on its investment.” (Kushner Cos. is said to have sold the Queens properties for $60 million, almost 50 percent more than what the company paid to acquire them.) “Don’t blame me” the Kushners’ said, it’s someone or everyone’s else fault. Is there a pattern here? In a statement, Kushner Cos. said that it uses third parties to prepare such documents, and “if mistakes or violations are identified, corrective action is taken immediately.” The company added that it would “never deny any tenant their due-process rights,” and noted that it “has renovated thousands of apartments and developments with minimal complaints over the past 30 years.” But the proof is in the public testimony: “All of a sudden, there was drilling, drilling . . . You heard the drilling in the middle of the night,” __Mary Ann Siwek__told the A.P. “There were rats coming in from the abandoned building next door. The hallways were always filled with lumber and sawdust and plaster.” But the real rats are the Kushner’s who always put profits over people. Like Father-in-Law. Like Son-in-law.

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