Secret Service Sacrifices Security so they can Secure Traitor Trump’s weekly Mar-a-Lago trips

Seeing Red? Time to start another Russian Revolution against faux Russkies in the White House By Ilene Proctor It sounds like America has become Trump’s golf widow because the it’s likely the high cost PR-resident Trump’s travel habits will hurt the Secret Service’s ability to investigate other crimes. The Washington Post notes that the Secret Service this year requested an additional $60 million in funding to help protect Trump and his family who have the spending habits of a Russian Czar. Costing an estimated $3 million per visit, the Czarina wife Melania lives in Trump Tower in New York with the couple’s young child Barron but flies down to his private palace in Palm Beach Can’t take the financial pain, the Secret Service wanted an additional $26.8 million to help protect Trump Tower, and an additional $33 million to be spent on the executive branch’s travel expenses. Where will the stupendous extra shekels come from? Easy says the Secret Service whose agents also investigate cybercrimes, counterfeit-money operations and cases involving missing and exploited minors,” the Post notes. Seeing Red? So am I. Citizens Unite, it’s time to start another Russian Revolution against the faux Russkies in the White House,

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