Secrets of Hollywood the Beauty-ful

Secrets of Hollywood the Beauty-ful

The Parisian purveyor, Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko Brings the Peak of All Things Chic to the Pre –EMMY Swag Mega Entrepreneur Nathalie Dubois Sissoko travelled to the far corners of the globe to find the chicest of the chic, the best of the best for A-list celebrities, nominees and presenters at the 2015 EMMY Awards. There’s no Swag like the Swag given by DPA’S Nathalie Dubois Sissoko who has worked in the past ten years with more than 700 companies (among the most prestigious are Chopard, Jaeger Lecoultre, St Regis, Destination Cape Breton, Marchon Eyewear, Moet, Jumeirah, Nokia, Polaroid, Nike, Samsonite. DPA differentiated itself in Hollywood in producing official gift suites for the most glamorous and prestigious film and TV festivals such as The Venice Film Festival (Mostra for 2 years), The Monte Carlo TV Festival (3 years), The Dubai International Film Festival (for 4 years), the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival (in partnership with AMC TV Networks) but also hosted non-official suites at the Cannes Film Festival (since 2005) as well as in Los Angeles. Just as there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no aging in Hollywood which is why so many celebs flock to DPA’s gifting suite prior to the Emmys . Four “coups de Coeur” in this season DPA Pre Awards gifting suite: Gavee Gold, 24 K purified liquid Gold skincare with a $700 gift bag, Britain’s Underground Culture hair care , NDS LA and celebrity hairstylist Shann Stevens and his fantastic BioMethod that’s pure moisture mania for hair. Unquestionably, the culinary hit of the show was the fabulous Carvery Kitchen Deli from Santa Monica. It’s where the chic elite mow go to meet and greet. The brilliant chef, Roman Shashilovsky is a culinary crusader who created a secret organic process so that none of the meats have any nitrates, sodium, chemicals or preservatives. And every girl from 18 to 80 were flocking around the Carvery booth to look at the tasty looking co-owner Nikolai Novak. Other drinking and dining treats included High Brew Coffee, Cake Eater bakery, and the best coffee on the planet, Amara Coffee. The gift lounge was set up on the penthouse terrace of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel and opened to guests September 17th-19th, 2015, 10am to 6pm. The lounge expected to welcome many A-list celebrities from the TV networks, as well as nominees and presenters of the Emmy Awards and no one is ever disappointed with the celeb turnout. . Tag Hollywood really shouldn’t be telling you this, but past attendees of DPA gifting lounge were Queen Latifah, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, Mireille Enos, Stephen Moyer, Jim Cazeviel, Angela Basset, Rachel Bilson, Eva Longoria Parker, Morgan Freeman, Terrance Howard, Beau Bridges, Catherine Deneuve, Spike Lee, Vanessa Williams, Kate Walsh, Paula Abdul, Eric Roberts, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Hudson, Scarlet Johansson, Edie Falco, Vanessa Williams.

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