ShapeOn Shaper Wins the Mighty Battle of the Bulge

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER ShapeOn Shaper Wins the Mighty Battle of the Bulge by Ilene Proctor Quite frankly, something wonderful is happening that’s shaping up the way women’s bodies are now looking hot while staying cool. Let us count the ways why women are fighting flab and looking fabulous with ShapeOn Shaper - the result of a dramatic new technology that blends T and A – taste and artistry. All ShapeOn Shapers are made in Italy with certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 ecological skin-friendly new fabric with an amazing body-sculpting skilled fabric that always stays cool with incomparable comfort and shaping. ShapeOn Shapers have great hindsight, buttocks are lifted and supported. Powerful tummy support with a trademark secret technique prevents roll-downs on top and bottom. ShapeOn Shapers are temptingly priced at less than 50% off of our brand-name competitors. ShapeOn Shapers are available at Amazon and major retailers across North America.

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