THE ROLLING STONES GATHER NO BOSS TRUMP This past summer, a story hit the internets and got passed around. It was the story that Michael Cohl related to an audience at a keynote address for Pollstar. Cohl was a concert promoter and producer who had worked with popular luminaries like Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and of course, the Rolling Stones. The 1989 Steel Wheels tour was famous for many things, including its reunion of Mick and Keef but also for its profitability, grossing nearly $100 million – a tour manufactured by Cohl and one that changed the landscape of concert promotion. It wrapped with a $24.95 pay-per-view event at Atlantic City’s 16,000-capacity Convention Center. Cohl figured out a way to sell the band on a big Pay-Per-View event, which ended up with the Stones having to get involved with Donald Trump. The Rolling Stones, even back in 1989, didn’t want to have anything to do with Trump—but Cohl promised he would “control” Trump. Part of the agreement Cohl makes with Trump is that he can’t be associated with the Stones. At all. Trump cannot even be on the premises when they perform for the Pay-Per-View. Well, with about an hour to go before the Rolling Stones do their press conference for the nightly news to promote this unique concert PPV, Cohl gets word that lo and behold, Trump is in the press room doing his own press conference, lying like a insane person. I give him the [come here gesture]. “Come on, Donald, what are you doing? A) You promised us you wouldn’t even be here and, B) you promised you would never do this.” He says, “But they begged me to go up, Michael! They begged me to go up!” I say, “Stop it. Stop it. This could be crazy. Do what you said you would. Don’t make a liar of yourself.” Cohl returns back to the dressing rooms only to get word again that the Donald is pulling the same shenanigans again. This leads to Keith Richards slamming a knife on a table and asking Cohl if Richards needs to go fire Trump or if Cohl is going to fire him. Cohl goes back and tells Trump he has to leave. He’s broken his word. His contract. He’s fired. The great negotiator comes back with this: “You don’t know anything! Your guys suck! I promote Mike Tyson! I promote heavyweight fights!” And I notice the three shtarkers he’s with, in trench coats, two of them are putting on gloves and the other one is putting on brass knuckles. I go on the walkie-talkie and I call for Jim Callahan, who was head of our security, and I go, “Jim, I think I’m in a bit of trouble.” And he says, “Just turn around.” I turn around. He’s got 40 of the crew with tire irons and hockey sticks and screwdrivers. It’s an amazing story and believable. They say that Bernie Sanders has always been consistently the same on issues. It turns out Donald Trump has always been a narcissistic rich brat asshole of a person. His whole life!

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