TRUMP’S PLEASURE BEFORE NATIONAL TREASURE, SCORES 6 NEW CHINA TRADEMARKS By Ilene Proctor Praising the Orange Carnage President, right-winger Newsmax publisher Christopher Ruddy waxed unpoetically about one of Trump’s greatest but unheralded accomplishments: breaking the great wall between China and the United States. But what Ruddy failed to realize that with Trump, there’s always no reservations when it comes to advancing Trump’s treasure. Trump just pumped six more trademarks in China in sectors including veterinary services which will likely help to expand his business influence across China plus construction and now has 123 registered or approved trademarks across China. During his election campaign Trump accused China of stealing American jobs, but since meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping in April, he has taken a friendlier approach to the world’s second-largest economy. The message is: basically you can steal as much American jobs as you want, but only if you enhance Trump’s personal treasure. Trump added trademarks insure Trump makes money as a businessman from licensing his name to certain products although he has no physical business operating from China. Four of the trademarks in China are registered under DTTM Operations. The daughter also arises, and China has grown her personal bank account with four more trademarks since April, despite recent controversy over her shoe-producing factories in China. It’s been claimed workers producing Ivanka Trump items are working in poor conditions and paid very low wages. Like father, like daughter. The daughter hasn’t fallen far from Trump’s lap. According to the Trademark Office Database, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC has at least 24 trademarks granted provisional or full approval in China, plus 43 pending marks and three invalid marks, ABC news reported. News of Trump’s trademark success will add further fuel to the fire for critics who say his business represents a serious conflict of interest. Democratic attorney generals in Maryland and the District of Columbia have filed a lawsuit against Trump, related to conflicts of interest. Trump has been trying to increase trademarks in China for years, but co-incidentally since the Orange Carnage became President, he’s won sole rights to use his name on products throughout the country, from condoms to explosives. It prevents other entrepreneurs using his name on products to make money. Hey Iran, take notice. Give Trump Trademark access to your country (or as Trump might say Continent) and you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll quickly forget his hostilities.

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