TRUMP’S RUSSIAN-GATE PROBLEMS You’ve got to feel sorry for the Republicans. they seem to be all deaf, dumb and blind to reality while living large in the United States of Amnesia. Not too long ago, before the illness felled them all, they suffered from a more minor bout of Bengzhazism. Not fatal but indeed annoying after six sessions that never detected the real source pf that illness. Come 2017, Democratic lawmakers want to delve into Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, and how his rosy red-covered glasses policies are being distorted by his play-by-my-own rules business interests. Sad! Democrats have blasted Trump for failing to make a clean break from his real estate empire, accusing him of being vulnerable to conflicts of interest. They also are suspicious of his campaign’s relationship with Russia. U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that top Russian officials orchestrated interference into the 2016 presidential election on Trump’s behalf. Republicans are doing everything in their power to stop at the starting gate any investigation from getting even a moment’s notice in public—both because protecting Trump is now their number one priority. Perhaps, the reason for that is so they can free up more time for investigating all the annoying nerds in the Environmental Protection Agency and their nasty agendy to protect the environment. I have it on the best authority that Trump’s short fingers can be pretty intimidating, but individual House members are strangely loathe to linger too close to him and give him a “Trump get out of all laws free” resolution reserved for all other law-abiding citizens. So they’re doing in a locked-down, all outside-ears-banned committee. Seeking to avoid a full House vote on the so-called “resolution of inquiry” — a roll call that would be particularly embarrassing and divisive for the right — Republicans will send proposal by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) to the House Judiciary Committee for a panel vote on Tuesday, two Democratic sources said. The GOP-controlled committee is expected to kill the resolution. While Republicans are all doing the silent shuffle, New York Democrat Jerry Nadler had filed a resolution of inquiry, a maneuver which would have bypassed the usual roadblocks that allow Republican House leadership to squelch legislation before it reaches the floor. Under the resolution, Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be required to turn over documentation showing any investigations of Trump’s activities. Other agencies would also have to make information available for review. But now previously patriotic Republicans are dancing as quick as they can to make sure Trump’s Russian connections stay in the dark. The mark-up will likely prove awkward for Judiciary Committee Republicans who will have to block the resolution. Judiciary member and Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) just last week, for instance, faced sharp questions from constituents who accused him of steering the Oversight panel's agenda to protect Trump. Party before country belies the whole history of the GOP. The situation begs for clarity. Otherwise, they just will have to dig much deeper into their dark town hiding places.

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