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33 RD INTERNATIONAL URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL, THE ATOMIC AGE CINEMA FEST IN LA plus KAT KRAMER’S FILMS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD PRESENT UNFORGETTABLE MOVIES OF THE ATOMIC AGE WHO: Nuclear Power Panel for the Atomic Age Cinema Fest: Harvey Wasserman / Co-moderator Kat Kramer / Co-moderator Mimi Kennedy - actress/activist Esai Morales - actor /activist Libbe HaLevy- host „“Nuclear Hotseat“ SAVE THE DATE , April 27th 2016 WHAT: The Atomic Age Film Festival is dedicated to all films about nuclear power and the clear and present danger of terrorists threats with ISIL stating their next target could be nuclear. Fears are being revived of dirty bombs, and the very real risks of radioactivity contamination causing millions of deaths. Concerned are heightened with the safety and security of the 440 nuclear power plants in 31 countries. Recent terror events make it imperative that we become aware of the problem to resolve the problems. Nuclear accidents like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, or Fukushima should never be forgotten, nor repeated. We are part of the International Uranium Film Festival, a non-profit foundation founded in Rio de Janeiro, which has traveled to 33 cities, 7 countries and 5 continents. Most of the people attending the festival are concerned about the dangers of nuclear power. It is not a typical Hollywood film festival, it is more of a forum. The Los Angeles edition of the 33rd Uranium Film Festival is titled the Atomic Age Film Festival. This annual festival has global reach. The festival has toured todozens of cities in Brazil, Germany, India, Portugal, Canada, Salvador, India, and the U.S.: New York, SantaFe, Albuquerque, and Washington DC. The goal is to establish the Atomic AgeFilm Festival on all continents. Of all the films on this sensitive subject, internationally acclaimed German Director Michael Von Hohenberg’s Final Picture and his alluring model/actress star Nadine Badewitz is, without doubt, the strongest one yet. From the first scene the audience swiftly lays waste to the oft-repeated saber-rattling threat statements by world leaders who intonate we will survive, our enemies will be vanquished. No one survives. Final Picture is Stanley Kramer’s On The Beach for the Now Generation. “ Unnerving and unforgettable, A must see. “ Tag Hollywood. TICKETS: complimentary, RSVP: ilenepr@sbcglobal.net WHERE: Raleigh Studios' Charlie Chaplin Theater. 5300 Melrose Avenue Atomic Age Cinema Fest - Schedule 12:00 pm HOT WATER with Shirley MacLaine 2:00 pm NUCLEAR SAVAGE: THE ISLANDS OF SECRET PROJECT 4.1 4:15 pm FINAL PICTURE with Nadine Badewitz 6:30 pm Red Carpet 7:30 pm THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD with Kevin Costner 9:20 pm Nuclear Power Panel / Audience Q & A 10:00 pm After-Party (with live entertainment) The Panel will be held from 9:20 pm - 10 pm (40 min.) on stage of the Charlie Chaplin Theater of Raleigh Studios. The Panel takes place after the screening of the documentary, THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD . It will be followed by an after party in the courtyard, Another Kat Kramer's Films That Change the World will take place in May 2016, with the screening THE CHINA SYNDROME.

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