Trouble in Paradise! John Abraham and Wife Priya Runchal's Marriage on the Rocks?

Trouble in Paradise! John Abraham and Wife Priya Runchal

Bollywood has witnessed series of heartbreaks this year. Several B-town couples filed for divorce and broke their relationships. As per a popular daily, nothing is right between John Abraham and his wife Priya Runchal. Rumours has it, the couple is facing a rough patch and has apparently drifted away. A colleague of the Dhoom actor revealed, "They've drifted apart. There’s nothing seriously wrong between them. But then there was nothing so right between them for things to go wrong." Long distance marriage seems to be one of the prime reasons. The source further stated, "The couple is hardly together. Nowadays distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder but makes the heart wander. John needs to spend time with his wife. But his career keeps him busy here and she too won’t take time off from her job in the US. She isn't comfortable with John's Bollywood friends either." Hope things are mended soon between the couple! CREDITS: DECCAN CHRONICLE

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