MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN. You’ve seem this kind of face before. The same blunt ugly chin thrust forward, to produce an impression of force and determination. The same way of speaking. One sentence and then a pause, waiting for the mob to shout approval. The same combination of monster and clown. Yesypu’ve seem it in old movies on Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. On newsreels. Delirious reactions. Worshng, some have borne signs saying: God’s messenger: Donald Trump. Or, Jesus sent him to us. Shouting until they were hoarse. A mass orgy of worshippers.. Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking in Washington DC, the modern successor to ancient Rome. The Duce was bald, and therefore always wore a fanciful hat especially designed for him. The Trump wore his trademark orange hair, very carefully arranged by himself (according to his butler). Trump speaks in Sarin Palinesque American English, a language that even its most ardent admirers would not call melodious. But the largest difference was the character of the audience. The Duce spoke to a Roman mob, a late successor to the ancient Roman plebs who, not far from there, had cried for blood in the arena. His audience, a blur of mostly elderly white faces, shouting, clapping, jumping up and down after every sentence, as if possessed. Melania has to share her bed with it in order to wear those bright shiny bling-y things. But unless Americans wake up, Melania will not be the only one getting screwed by the Donald.

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