We Must have a Mutiny on this Bounty Paper Towel Throwing President

We Must have a Mutiny on this Bounty Paper Towel Throwing President, Otherwise we’re on danger of becoming A nation of Brown Noses By Ilene Proctor Watching President Trump's visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday brings back memories of childhood reading Charles Dickens' "Tale of Two Cities" in which the Marquis St. Evrémonde runs over a child with his carriage and without remorse or compassion declares, “It is extraordinary to me that you people cannot take care of yourselves and your children!" He throws a coin at the grieving father and another into the crowd, and as he moves on, one of the peasants on the street throws a coin back in the carriage, at which point the Marquis turns in anger and threatens to "exterminate" them all. The peasants hang their heads and say not a word, knowing what power the man has to destroy them. And with Trump, what also comes to mind is H.G. Wells’ Island of Doctor Moreau where a scientist (not that Trump ever has the brains to be one) is so infatuated with his despicable self and powers he’s mixes up humans with animals. Donald Trump didn't throw coins into the crowd in Puerto Rico, but he did throw Bounty paper towels. And he didn't scold the island's people to their faces for failing to take care of their children, but he didn't need to. He'd made it clear in his tweets that he thought Puerto Ricans had refused to help themselves because "they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort." America has dealt itself a bad hand with this peculiar Potus & we’re all learning how to humor it to survive. Wise to the ways of the world savvy officials from Paris to Puerto Rico wisely behaved much as Dickens' peasants did. To get what they want from this powerful peon, they kept their eyes down and parroted the president as he endlessly and predictively complimented his own leadership. This was more like an audience with the king, not a visit from a democratically elected leader who had come to forge a personal connection to what had happened. Define boredom in one word. Trump. Capable of mouthing only scripted empathy, Trump first insisted that the hurricane had hit exactly a week earlier, which wasn't even close. It made landfall two weeks ago today. Maybe he'd lost track of time, but it's more likely that this was a conscious slime to cover up the fact that his administration's response has been so slow and so inadequate. Boring everybody to tears again and again,. Trump unctuously flushed his poor to mediocre vocabulary in praise of himself. His arms must need remedial care from endlessly patting himself on the back. Trump also celebrated the fact that, according to him, the Category 5 Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico wasn't a "real disaster" like Hurricane Katrina. He asked the governor, "What's your death count?" When someone told him 16 people have been confirmed dead so far, the president smugged his mug and replied, "Sixteen people versus in the thousands. You can be... very proud of what's taken place."Huh? One after the other trampled over each other to express their deepest gratitude for his existence. The peasants must flatter and fawn if they wish to have bread and water. The president is clearly annoyed that this relief effort is going to cost money. In fact, he can't stop talking about that. He has mentioned the island's debt and the cost every time he's addressed the disaster, and he didn't forget to do it on this occasion, saying, "I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. We've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico." He generously added that it was "fine" because they were saving lives, which is mighty big of him. No one bothered to remind him that he left Puerto Rico in debt and owes them multi millions when his Trump Golf Course went bankrupt, but it surely must have been on their minds. He finished the self-congratulatory photo-op and brown nosing ceremony and traveled around San Juan for a short tour, ending up in a church where they were delivering some supplies. He took selfies with the locals and then started throwing those paper towels into the crowd as if he were Marie Antoinette tossing cakes to the peasants in the audience. Mingling with the peasants, Prez Nero muttered. I'm sitting in an apartment the likes of which nobody's ever seen. And yet I represent the workers of the world. And they love me and I love them. I think people aspire to do things. And they aspire to watch people. I don't think they want to see the president carrying his luggage out of Air Force One. And that's pretty much the way it is. We’re wizards of ooze when we fawn over this onion-skinned Orange of Carnage.. If you need something from the king, you'd better endlessly tell him how great he is and then ask very, very nicely bow tour head and repeat how much you love and admire him .

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