singer Saoud Abou Sultan sentenced to three years behind bars

An Emirati singer and former Super Star contestant was done for non-consensual sex in the UAE this week. Saoud Abou Sultan has been sentenced to three years in jail for raping a French woman in his apartment in Dubai. The Dubai Criminal Court had originally sentenced the culprit to six months in jail when he proved that the victim went back to his place willingly. He was given the short sentence at the time for having sex before marriage with her, according to Laha Magazine. It was later proven that the victim was raped with the help of Sultan's friend after she passed out from drinking too much alcohol. She later woke up in a hospital, where doctors told her of the incident, reported El Fagr news. Sultan's friend was an accomplice in the crime and the Appeals Court also sentenced him to one year behind bars. albawaba.com

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